What they are saying..

  • “HelpHandles™ helps us collaborate on industry-leading content, corporate best practices and marketing insight…”

    Marketing Director, Leading CX Software Vendor

    Marketing Director

  • “HelpHandles™ stellar data helped us identify new opportunities to deploy our automated cx solutions with the worlds top brands….”

    Snr Director, Enterprise Sales, Leading CX Software Vendor

    Snr Director, Enterprise Sales

  • We were able to collaborate with HelpHandles™ to help us raise the profile of our Social support team. It was great to use HelpHandles™ insights with our social strategy here at LinkedIn.

    Snr Social Media Support Manager

    Snr Social Media Support Manager

  • “HelpHandles™ has helped us reach an incredible milestone of three months at the top of the HelpHandles™ Global Food Index for our clients. We have also celebrated a week ranking third in the world for customer service on the global index rankings.”

    Managing Director, ViralEffect

    Managing Director, ViralEffect

  • “The result of the insights published by HelpHandles™ was validated internally by our team and colleagues across Hertz, and also by our CEO.”

    This valuable insight helped us win a Shorty Award for Best In Class Customer Care. I can’t thank Dean and his amazing team enough for the work they do!

    Snr Director, Social Media, Hertz Corporation

    Director, Social Media, Hertz Corporation