How HMRC Customer Support Delivers Self-Assessment Tax Advice on Twitter

Feb 1, 2018

Every year millions of people across the U.K with businesses and other income face a last minute rush to complete and pay their self-assessment tax before the online filing deadline (midnight on 31st January) or otherwise face penalties of £100 for late filing during the first three months after the deadline.

For those attempting to file a tax return themselves online, without the help of an accountant, the process is not always straight forward. Filing a self-assessment online requires pre-registration and a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) which can take up to 10 working days to be confirmed by post. There are also other options to consider for individuals with unique circumstances, those living abroad for example are required to fill in special forms, together with a detailed understanding of the online form process creates a huge demand from the British public for fast and efficient access to customer support and information, which historically has been difficult and costly to service at scale via more traditional offline contact channels.

Enter Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Customer Support team, providing help with general queries to their 22.4k followers on Twitter, Monday to Friday 8am — 10pm, Saturday 8am — 10pm and Sunday 9am — 10pm.

Now the self assessment deadline has passed, and the HMRC Customer Support Team have had a well deserved rest, we thought we would take a timely look into how the HMRC Customer Support team performed leading up to and on the 31st January online filing deadline. (27th Jan to 31st Jan 2018)

Inbound Mention Volume

The HMRC Customer Support team were certainly busy over the last week, receiving over 6,000 mentions to their help handle, placing them in the Top 10% of help handles by volume on the HelpHandles™ performance index.

Response Rate

The team were working hard over this busy time ensuring that customers received responses to their tax queries. Over the last 7 days HMRC Customer Support responded to over 4,000 mentions a 65% response rate, placing them in the Top 30% best performing teams for responsiveness on HelpHandles™

Responses under 30mins

They were not only just responsive to customers, they were lightening fast too. The HMRC Customer Support Team responded to (3,618) 90% of those mentions inside 30 mins. Again performing well above the average for the Government category and placing them in the Top 30% of companies providing support on HelpHandles™…

Twitter Support Coverage

The HMRC Customer Support team were consistently busy over their serviceable hours averaging between 200-300 replies per hour throughout the week from 8am GMT and even replying out of hours to ensure people got the help they needed after 10pm GMT time right up until the 31 January deadline.

A solid performance from the team…

Popular Hashtags

The most popular hashtags over the week leading up to the online filing deadline were #selfassessment, #hmrc #tax customers went to great lengths to show their appreciation for the teams assistance even including the #helpful hashtag in their correspondence…


This was also confirmed with an overall positive sentiment score for the HMRC Customer Support team…proving that their hard work helping customers was not an effort wasted…


In today’s increasingly demanding and fast-paced world, individuals and families are constantly having to balance multiple conflicting priorities, and pressures. By making themselves available in real time on channels like Twitter, the HMRC team of experts are able to provide fast, extremely detailed, and personalised advice and support to those who need it, helping people navigate the wealth of information required to submit an online tax return on time, avoiding additional stress and financial penalties.

For this, the HMRC Customer Support team receive our respect and applause and are deservedly ranked in our top 10% of help handles on Twitter over the week leading up to and on self-assessment tax filing day.

How Amazon Help Delivers On Demand Customer Service on Twitter

Jan 30, 2018

A global consumer-tech giant, the largest Internet retailer in the world, the worlds largest provider of cloud infrastructure services, the fourth most valuable public company in the world, and the eighth largest employer in the United States.

Founded by Jeff Bezos, started life as a humble online bookstore accessed by the public over a 56k dial-up modem, on Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer 1.0 during those heady days of the mid-90’s.

Over the last two decades, Amazon has gone from strength to strength. Building on its foundations of convenience, Amazon has diversified across a broad range of innovative products and services, capitalising on mass market opportunities in consumer technology and e-commerce, experiencing massive growth as a result.

Super Saturday or Panic Saturday is the last Saturday before Christmas, a major day of revenue where retailers tend to compete with each other, offering significant discounts and extended store hours in an attempt to attract customers and drive impulse buying.

Super Saturday marks the end of the shopping season in which retailers and many customers believe begins on Black Friday.

With a bold mission to be “Earth’s most customer centric company”, we decided to take a close look at how the Amazon Help team delivered customer service on Twitter over the most popular day in the calendar year for retail shopping, Saturday 23rd December 2017, most commonly known as Super Saturday.

Inbound Mention Volume

Looking at HelpHandles™ historical data, Amazon Help were significantly busier on Super Saturday, receiving a +62% (1,223) more mentions to its help handle over Black Friday.

Black Friday Inbound Mentions Amazon Help

Friday 27 November 2017 (Black Friday)

Super Saturday Inbound Mentions Amazon Help

Sat 23 December 2017 (Super Saturday)

Over a period of 24 hours, Amazon Help received a total of 3,189 mentions to their help handle placing them in the top 10% of help handles by volume on Twitter.

Response Rate

On Super Saturday, the Amazon Help support team responded to 43% (1,371) of mentions received to their help handle…

Responses under 30mins

…of which 97% (1,330) of those responses were made quickly in under 30 mins.

Twitter Support Coverage

The Amazon Help team were busy over Super Saturday, with customer service peaking at 9am GMT time responding to customers at a rate of 110 replies per hour and again at 3pm, GMT with 100 replies per hour.

Top Hashtags

Amazon customers were a demanding bunch over Super Saturday…


Many customers were left frustrated on Super Saturday with what seemed to be problems with Amazon’s estimated delivery times. Despite this the Amazon Help customer service team did a great job in reaching out and providing timely, assistance to customers offering resolutions and alternative means of correspondence where necessary.


There’s no doubt that the likes of Amazon have created a consumer culture where expectation is at an all time high, putting companies who cannot provide on demand products and services at risk to those that can.

From our analysis of Amazon Help on Twitter, providing on demand products and services is still a challenge, its certainly not plain sailing with some customers experiencing delays and issues with their orders. It’s obviously tough to deliver to such high expectations, but that doesn’t stop Amazon from relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and investing in supporting their customers on real-time channels like Twitter, providing round the clock, open communication to those who need it, outside of their own-ecosystem is just one example of Amazon’s commitment to customers.

What I admire the most about Amazon is their ability to constantly innovate, adapt and set the bar higher— failure is not an option. This is the company that is committed to commercialising rapid drone delivery, developing cashier-less stores, and bringing deliveries inside of the home, making the inaccessible, accessible and the unbelievable, believable.

So, where does that leave the rest of us? Well it would seem fitting to end this story by quoting Jeff Bezos in his April 2016 letter to Amazon shareholders…

‘Jeff, what does Day 2 look like?’

That’s a question I just got at our most recent all-hands meeting. I’ve been reminding people that it’s Day 1 for a couple of decades. I work in an Amazon building named Day 1, and when I moved buildings, I took the name with me. I spend time thinking about this topic.

‘Day 2 is stasis. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always Day 1.’

How the UK’s ‘Big Four Banks’ Perform for Customer Service on Twitter

Jan 16, 2018

The ‘Big Four Banks’ is a term used to describe the largest banking groups in the UK, made up of (Barclays, HSBC, Lloyd’s Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland Group) they manage approx 75% of all current accounts and 85% of business accounts in the UK.

Since the global financial crisis 10 years ago, the UK’s big four banks have been under increasing pressure from the Government to reform and diversify. With cash and cheque transactions diminishing in favour of more convenient electronic payment, online and mobile app usage by millions of customers, many of the UK’s major banks have been left to evaluate the viability of their traditional bricks and mortar branch networks.

According to Which? part of the independent consumer association, more than 482 branches belonging to the major high street banks were axed for good in 2017, sending the number of branch closures soaring to more than 1,500 over just three years, since 2015.

For this edition on the UK Banking sector we take a close look at how the UK’s ‘Big Four Banks’, Barclays UK Help, HSBC UK, RBS Group* (incl RBS Help, NatWest Help and Ulster Bank Help), and Lloyd’s Bank Group* (incl Ask Lloyds Bank, Ask Halifax Bank and Ask Bank of Scot) performed for customer service on Twitter.

UK’s ‘Big Four Banks’ Social Customer Service Benchmark

Over a period of 8 weeks, the UK’s big four banks received 64,823 mentions to their help handles on Twitter.

Source: 01/11/2017–31/12/2017

Best Overall Performers

RBS Group* and Barclays UK Help came out on top as the best overall providers of customer service on Twitter with the best aggregate score* across inbound volume, response rate, responses under 30 mins and sentiment amongst customers.

*Accounts are programmatically scored out of 100 on our performance index across four metrics. Inbound mention volumes (25%), Response Rate (25%), Responses under 30 mins (25%) and Sentiment (25%). All metrics are available and updated every hour on

1st: RBS Group* (RBS Help, NatWest Help, Ulster Bank Help)
2nd: Barclays UK Help
3rd: HSBC UK
4th: Lloyd’s Bank Group* (Ask Lloyds Bank, Ask Halifax Bank, Ask Bank of Scotland)

Below is the break down on how each bank performed for customer service on Twitter.

First Response Time

RBS Group had the fastest response times among the big four banks, with a first response of 11 mins across the groups help handles, followed by Barclays UK Help, 20 mins. Lloyd’s Bank Group and HSBC UK had the slowest first response times of just under an hour with 55 mins and 59 mins respectively.

  1. RBS Group* (11 mins)
  2. Barclays UK Help (20 mins)
  3. HSBC UK (55 mins)
  4. Lloyd’s Bank Group*(59 mins)

Average Response

Similarly, RBS Group* maintained the fastest response time out of the big four banks with a 12 min average response time, with HSBC UK and Lloyd’s Bank Group* the slowest coming in just under one hour.

  1. RBS Group* (11 mins)
  2. Barclays UK Help (20 mins)
  3. HSBC UK (50 mins)
  4. Lloyd’s Bank Group*(56 mins)

Inbound Volume

Lloyds Bank Group* were the busiest for customer service on Twitter receiving the largest share of mentions with a whopping total of 26,278 mentions over the last 8 weeks, with HSBC UK receiving the lowest amount of mentions with 10,212 mentions.

  1. Lloyd’s Bank Group* (26,278)
  2. RBS Group* (15,118)
  3. Barclays UK Help (13, 215)
  4. HSBC UK (10,212)

Response Rate

Barclays UK Help, were most responsive responding to (79%) share of mentions to their help handle on Twitter, followed by RBS Group (77%), Lloyds Bank Group (68%) and HSBC (58%)…

  1. Barclays UK Help (79%)
  2. RBS Group* (77%)
  3. Lloyd s Bank Group* (68%)
  4. HSBC UK (58%)

Responses under 30 mins

RBS Group* had the highest percentage of responses under 30 mins, followed by Barclays UK Help, HSBC UK and Lloyd’s Bank Group*…

  1. RBS Group* (95%)
  2. Barclays UK Help (84%)
  3. HSBC UK (84%)
  4. Lloyd’s Bank Group (55%)


All companies performed well for sentiment over a busy 8 week period, with HSBC UK, and Barclays UK Help coming out top with the highest sentiment score, followed by RBS Group*, and Lloyd’s Bank Group*.

  1. HSBC UK (+9)
  2. Barclays UK Help (+8)
  3. RBS Group* (+7)
  4. Lloyd s Bank Group* (+6)

In the below thread, Corrina @Barclays UK Help exemplifies everything that’s great about delivering fast, responsive, personal service on Twitter. Corrina, proactively engages with a customer, helping them to resolve a problem with their mobile banking app. This results in the real-time transformation of a disgruntled detractor into a satisfied promoter.

Nice work Corrina!


For decades, British banks have held a tight grasp on their customer relationships, maintaining the majority share of current and business accounts leaving very little room for movement, but now, gradually, a brave new world is emerging.

With the development of; Open Banking, regulation around payment services, fintech innovation and crypto-currencies; trust, transparency and competition will be placed at the very heart of the UK banking sector.

The journey will be far from linear, but in this new world customers will be offered more choice and will be empowered to take more control of their data and finances, leaving banks to adopt an entirely different role in people’s lives. A role that will be focused on transparency and building trust with consumers, this in-turn will create new opportunities for banks to compete and deliver on customer experience at scale for the benefit of everyone.

How The UK’s Water ? & Sewerage ? Suppliers Perform for Customer Service on Twitter

Sep 27, 2017

These companies are responsible for providing a continuous supply of clean water of adequate pressure to all customers in an agreed geographical area. Currently customers in the UK are unable to switch from one supplier to another, with water rates controlled by independent regulator Ofwat.

Similar to the electric and gas industry, water companies have come under close scrutiny from the British public, where a lack of competition, increasing water rates, record breaking fines for leakages and poor investment in modern complaints and customer service processes have added to a growing dissatisfaction and frustration amongst UK consumers. These same consumers are turning to social media channels to vent their frustrations and ask for help.

Last week the Consumer Council for Water published their annual report on Consumer Complaints. Despite water companies receiving over 2m+ contacts last year from customers, there was a clear trend towards an overall decline in the number of written complaints and unwanted telephone contacts being made to water companies over the last 7 years, since 2010.

Written complaints and unwanted contacts fall since 2010

Source: Consumer Council For Water Report 2016/2017

With this significant fall in both written complaints and the number of issues having to be dealt with over the phone, customers are increasingly turning to social media to seek help, so we decided to take a close look at how the UK’s Water & Sewerage companies perform for customer service on Twitter.

UK Water & Sewerage Social Customer Service Performance

Over the last quarter, the UK’s water and sewerage suppliers received 27,612 direct mentions to their help handles on Twitter.

Source: 01/07/2017–26/09/2017

Water & Sewerage Suppliers Customer Service Performance on Twitter 01/07/2017–26/09/2017

Severn Trent Water & Anglian Water ranked as the best overall performers for customer service on Twitter, with the best aggregate score* across inbound volume, response rate, responses under 30 mins and sentiment amongst customers, followed by Yorkshire Water and Scottish Water.

*Accounts are programmatically scored out of 100 on our performance index across 4 metrics. Inbound mention volumes (25%), Response Rate (25%), Responses under 30 mins (25%) and Sentiment (25%). All metrics are available and updated every hour on

The worst performers for customer service on Twitter were Southern Water, Northumbrian Water, and Wessex Water.

Best Overall Performers

  1. Severn Trent
  2. Anglian Water
  3. Yorkshire Water Help

  4. Scottish Water

  5. Thames Water
  6. Welsh Water
  7. United Utilities
    Worst Performers

  8. Wessex Water

  9. Northumbrian Water
  10. Southern Water

First Response

Thames Water & Severn Trent Water were the fastest to respond to customers with a 32 min and 33 min first response between (July — Sept 17). Southern Water were the slowest to respond with a first response of 6 hrs 15 mins

Thames Water: 32 min
Severen Trent: 33 min
Scottish Water: 59 min
Yorkshire Water Help: 1 hr 18 min
Anglian Water: 1 hr 26 min
Welsh Water: 1 hr 59 min
Northumbrian Water: 2 hr 8 min
Wessex Water: 2 hr 10 min
United Utilities: 3 hr 27 min
Southern Water: 6 hr 15 min

Average Response

Similarly, Severn Trent and Thames Water maintained the fastest response on average with 28 mins and 33 min respectively, while Southern Water were the slowest on average with a 5hr 58min response time.

Severen Trent: 29 min
Thames Water: 30 min
Scottish Water: 1 hr 4 min
Yorkshire Water Help: 1 hr 11 min
Anglian Water: 1 hr 16 min
Wessex Water: 2 hr 1 min
Northumbrian Water: 2 hr 4 min
Welsh Water: 2 hr 50 min
United Utilities: 3 hr 19 min
Southern Water: 5 hr 58 min

Inbound Volume

Thames Water were the busiest water company for customer service on Twitter receiving a total of 8,837 mentions between July — Sept 17 period, while Wessex Water received the lowest amount of mentions with just 546 mentions.

Thames Water: 8,837
United Utilities: 4,867
Severn Trent: 3,832
Anglian Water: 2,626
Scottish Water: 2,117
Welsh Water: 1,552
Southern Water: 1,330
Yorkshire Water Help: 1,116
Northumbrian Water: 789
Wessex Water: 546

Response Rate

Scottish Water were the most responsive to customers on Twitter answering 93% of mentions to their Twitter handle, together with Yorkshire Water, Severn Trent and Anglian Water they were the only companies who achieved a sub +50% response rate. All other water companies responded to less than -50% of mentions, with Wessex Water performing the worst with just 24% of mentions replied to between July — September 17.

Scottish Water: 93%
Yorkshire Water Help: 65%
Severn Trent: 54%
Anglian Water: 53%

Thames Water: 46%
United Utilities: 44%
Welsh Water: 37%
Northumbrian Water: 37%
Southern Water: 31%
Wessex Water: 24%

Responses under 30mins

Yorkshire Water and Thames Water had the highest percentage of mentions responded to in under 30 mins followed closely by Severn Trent Water, Scottish Water and Anglian Water.

Yorkshire Water Help: 79%
Thames Water: 79%
Severn Trent: 78%
Scottish Water: 76%
Anglian Water: 75%
Northumbrian Water: 66%
Wessex Water: 63%
Welsh Water: 53%
United Utilities: 52%
Southern Water: 38%


Anglian Water were the outstanding performers over the July — Sept 17 period with the highest sentiment score of +20 points amongst conversations with customers on Twitter. United Utilities and Thames Water scored the lowest for sentiment.

Anglian Water Sentiment Report +20

Access over 650+ brands sentiment reports on

Yorkshire Water Help: +15
Welsh Water: +13
Wessex Water: +12
Severn Trent: +7
Scottish Water: +5
Northumbrian Water: +5
Southern Water: +5
Thames Water: +2
United Utilities: –


The recent complaints report published by the Consumer Council for Water shows a direct correlation of the rise and impact of mobile messaging channels for customer service and digital communications.

Customer service on mobile messaging channels is more convenient for customers and cheaper and more efficient to support than legacy channels like phone, email and if I have to say it snail mail. ? ?

Written complaints fall by 11%

For the first time in more than 20 years, fewer than 100,000 written complaints were received by the water companies of England and Wales. In total, companies received 95,274 written complaints, an 11% fall on the previous year and a continuation of the downward trend seen since the peak year of 2007–08 when over 273,000 written complaints were made against water companies.

Source: Consumer Council For Water Report 2016/2017

In a heavy regulated industry, change can be slow, and innovation can be even slower. But with consumers currently frustrated with existing legacy processes and the rise in the adoption of more convenient mobile messaging channels, water companies are now having to embrace the new world to improve the overall customer experience and bring customer service into the 21st century.

How The UK’s Train Operators Perform for Customer Service on Twitter

Aug 31, 2017

Most of the UK’s railway track is managed by Network Rail, which in 2016 had a network of 15,799 kilometres (9,817 mi) of railway line spanning across the UK.

In 2016, there were 1.718 billion journeys on the National Rail network* Unlike a number of other countries, rail travel in the United Kingdom has seen passenger numbers reach their highest ever level*. This growth is partly attributed to a shift away from private motoring due to growing road congestion and increasing petrol prices, but also to an overall increase in affluence.

The UK’s train operators come under constant scrutiny from the British public where overcrowding, fare increases, strike action, disputes, frequent delays and cancellations to services are all too common.

In the face of this disruption, commuters in the UK turn to social media and are no strangers to using Twitter to vent their frustrations towards train operators.

The August Bank Holiday is a time for getting out of the house and vacationing. Many people travel all over the UK, and to Europe, or beyond during this time. Many others vacation more locally, relying on public transport to head off to local parks, beaches, nature reserves, and attractions that usually are only visited by tourists.

It is a very busy period as far as traffic is concerned. So for our sixteenth edition of the HelpHandles Insight Series we decided to take a close look at how the Top 5 Train Operators on our UK Transport Index performed for customer service on Twitter over the busy August Bank holiday weekend from Friday 25th August to Bank Holiday Monday 28th August 2017.

UK Train Operators Social Customer Service Performance

Friday 25th August to Bank Holiday Monday 28th August 2017.

Best Overall Performers

GWRHelp (Great Western Rail) came out on top as the best overall train operator for customer service on Twitter over the August Bank Holiday weekend with the best aggregate score* across inbound volume, response rate, responses under 30 mins and sentiment amongst customers.

*Accounts are programmatically scored out of 100 on our performance index across 4 metrics. Inbound mention volumes (25%), Response Rate (25%), Responses under 30 mins (25%) and Sentiment (25%). All metrics are available and updated every hour on

1st: GWR Help (Great Western Rail)
2nd: East Midlands Trains
3rd: Virgin Trains
4th: Arriva Trains Wales
5th: Southeastern

Below is the break down on how each train operator performed for customer service on Twitter.

First Response Time

First responses from all 5 train operators were exceptional over the bank holiday weekend, with Arriva Trains Wales coming in with the fastest overall first response time of just 3mins and Southeastern coming last with a still admirable 18min first response on Twitter.

Arriva Trains Wales: 3min
Virgin Trains: 4mins
East Midlands Trains: 9mins
GWR Help: 11mins
Southeastern: 18mins

Average Response Time

Similarly all operators performed well on average Response with Arriva Trains Wales maintaining a fast 3 min average response, and Southeastern maintaining a 14 min average response time.

Arriva Trains Wales: 3min
Virgin Trains: 4mins
East Midlands Trains: 8mins
GWR Help: 10mins
Southeastern: 14mins

Inbound Volume

Virgin Trains received the most public mentions over the bank holiday period with 4,000 mentions in total to their help handle with both GWRHelp and Southeastern coming in 2nd both exceeding over 1,500+ mentions each….

Virgin Trains: 4,000 mentions
GWR Help: 1722 mentions
Southeastern: 1509 mentions
Arriva Trains Wales: 813 mentions
East Midlands Trains: 732 mentions

Response Rate

East Midlands Trains were the most responsive over the bank holiday responding to 63% of inbound mentions on Twitter, closley followed by GWR with 58% of mentions, Southeastern with 52% of mentions and Arriva with 50% of mentions. Virgin Trains were the least responsive with 33% of mentions responded to.

East Midlands Trains: 63%
GWR Help: 58%
Southeastern: 52%
Arriva Trains Wales: 50%
Virgin Trains: 33%

Responses under 30mins

All 5 train operators performed well for quick and timely responses to customers, all responding to customers within 30mins….

Arriva Trains Wales: 99%
GWR Help: 98%
Virgin Trains: 98%
East Midlands Trains: 97%
Southeastern: 97%


The bank holiday weekend is a testing and very busy time for both customers and those offering public transport services, despite this all train operators did well and maintained a positive sentiment score over the bank holiday period with East Midlands leading the way, followed by GWR and Virgin Trains.

East Midlands Trains: +8
GWR Help: +6
Virgin Trains: +6
Arriva Trains Wales: +4
Southeastern: +3


Train operators face many challenges with customer satisfaction and social media is proving to be an essential tool for operators to keep customers informed in real time on status updates, delays, and disruptions to journeys.

In addition we are now starting to see some operators improve in-carriage services with free movies, and entertainment, and some even going as far as offering passengers free bags of candy to sweeten the journey.

However, while many operators publish their own operational performance and customer satisfaction data, there is still more opportunity to be fully transparent with customers.

We regularly see innovation within the airline industry with security wait times being displayed on dashboards in airports, and some social media teams publishing response times on their own Twitter accounts.

As the general feeling towards rail operators in the UK continues to be challenging due to rising fares, overcrowding and disputes, now is the time for the rail operators to improve overall customer experience, invest in loyalty programmes and become more transparent through real time updates on journey times, delays and even social media responsiveness over channels like Twitter.

How Hertz Became the №1 Car Rental Brand for Customer Service on Twitter

Jun 27, 2017

Hertz is also the largest worldwide airport general use car rental company with more than 1,600 airport locations in the U.S. and more than 1,300 airport locations internationally.

Operating a 24/7 joint marketing and customer service Twitter handle, with over 50k followers, we take a close look at how @Hertz stack up against its competitors @EnterpriseCares and @Avis for customer service on Twitter.


With over 15,000 inbound mentions over a period of 12 weeks, Hertz ranks highest as the most engaged, responsive and fastest car rental brand to respond to customers on Twitter.

When you benchmark that level of performance against other leading U.S based car rental providers, you can see why its so impressive.

Social Customer Service Performance

Average Response Time

Hertz on average maintain a fast 16 min response time on Twitter. Given the volume of inbound mentions they receive around the clock this deservedly places them in the top 10% of brands on Twitter for response time.

First Response Time

The Hertz social team work tirelessly to support and be available for their customers in times of need. They lead the way as the fastest car rental brand on Twitter reaching out to customers with a first response time of 21 mins.

Inbound Mention Volume

Over a period of 12 weeks Hertz received a total of 15,131 public mentions to their handle on Twitter

Response Rate

…of which they responded publicly to 8,776 (58%) of mentions…

Response under 30 mins

…with 7,989 (90%) of those responses made quickly in under 30 mins.

Customer Support

Hertz customers love to use Twitter to vent their frustrations, get a direct response, and fast resolutions to problems they are experiencing on the ground at the many Hertz locations around the globe.

The Hertz team work hard to not only respond to customers quickly, but to ensure that customers are listened to and heard. The team offer a calming presence on Twitter, and are able to listen and read their customers more effectively, using empathy and attentiveness to respond to customers in difficult situations, and turn lonely negative experiences into more positive human interactions.

Hertz also receive high levels of advocacy on Twitter, with customers regularly checking in to tweet about the great service they receive on the ground from staff at Hertz locations around the globe.

Servicing such a demanding, high volume customer base over channels like Twitter is challenging, and the combination of supporting customer issues, and positive brand advocacy is reflected in Hertz’s overall sentiment score.


Arriving at a new destination, or unfamiliar location to pick up a vehicle can be logistically challenging and sometimes a lonely experience. By making themselves available in real-time on social channels like Twitter, Hertz are able to respond quickly and empathise with a vast, distributed customer base that is constantly on the move across many locations around the world.

For this, the Hertz social media team receive our utmost respect, and are deservedly ranked as the №1 car rental brand offering customer service on Twitter

How Ocado Delivers Online Grocery Customer Service on Twitter

May 31, 2017

Growth in traditional “big box” stores is static: all growth is in online, food discounters and convenience stores, with online having the biggest growth potential of all to disrupt the current retail marketplace.

Enter Ocado. The world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer with over 580,000 active customers placing online grocery orders for home delivery.

Established in the UK in 2000 in partnership with UK supermarket chain Waitrose, Ocado has gone on to grow significantly with a commercial delivery area of 10m households, delivering over 100,000 orders a week, a listing on the London Stock Exchange and a strategic commercial partnership with Morrisons.

Operating a truly online business model, Ocado has no chain of bricks and mortar stores and manages all deliveries from it’s state of the art fulfilment centres where AI, automation and robotics play a key operational role in delivering the best in customer experience, convenience, quality and price to customers.

Operating a joint marketing and customer service handle on Twitter and sitting firmly on-top of the HelpHandles Food Index, @Ocado consistently out perform their market competitors for customer service on Twitter. In this fourteenth edition of the HelpHandles Insight Series we take an in-depth look at @Ocado’s performance over the last 12 weeks from (13/02/2017–10/05/2017).

Productivity & Responsiveness

Unlock your free company profile on and start improving your performance with social customer service analytics and reviews for Twitter.

First Response & Average Response Time

@Ocado’s response to customers on Twitter is pretty impressive, the team have been averaging a consistent 17 min first response and average response time to all public mentions.

Ocado First Response Time (13/02/2017–10/05/2017)

Inbound Mention Volume

Customers love engaging with @Ocado on Twitter. Over the last 12-weeks, the @Ocado team received a total of 8,923 mentions to their handle. Placing them in the top 30% of handles providing support by volume on Twitter.

Response Rate

The @Ocado team responded to 64% of inbound mentions received to their Twitter handle, that’s 5,711 responses in total…

Responses under 30 mins

….of which 4,969 (87%) responses were made quickly in under 30 mins.

Customer Happiness

We found that Ocado customers are highly engaged over Twitter, using the tool to ask direct questions and provide feedback to the team in a polite and efficient manner. With such high-standard of conversational transactions, Ocado are building an active community of loyal, trusted and engaged customers who obviously enjoy the convenience of shopping with Ocado and interacting with them over Twitter.

This highly personal, genuine, conversational approach has resulted in a high overall positive sentiment score for the @Ocado team, and is testament to the great work being done to ensure customers remain satisfied and engaged with the company over social channels like Twitter.

Ocado Smart Platform

The Ocado Smart Platform, is a managed service offering of proprietary software and equipment solutions that offers retail partners a faster, flexible and more cost efficient way of operating online. By offering the only fully integrated end-to-end platform available in the market, Ocado are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing global trend of online food shopping, putting efficiency and convenience at the heart of the customer experience.


Built on a foundation of convenience, innovation, growth and efficiency, Ocado are well positioned to support the changing shift in consumer behaviour.

What makes Ocado an interesting proposition is their commitment to innovation. With a dedicated Technology business and investment in research and development utilising cloud technology, machine learning, robotics and automation, it will be interesting to see how Ocado maximise new opportunities to disrupt and develop improved customer experiences across online channels in the not too distant future.