Today, I am pleased to announce a new collaboration with Conversocial — the digital care platform for social messaging.

Together, HelpHandles™ and Conversocial will deliver new market leading insights from across the emerging digital world of social messaging, shining a spotlight on the brands and teams working hard behind the scenes to provide exceptional digital experiences for their customers.

For those who have been following our journey, this collaboration has been a long time in the making.

Launching and the HelpHandles™ Insight Series has been an empowering and enlightening experience.

We have seen our unique public data driven insights gain recognition from some of the worlds largest customer centric brands; CRM vendors, social media platforms, thought leaders and academic institutions, adding real value to global customer experience programmes through the democratization of customer service performance on social media.

I am proud to see how our platform and insights continue to help hard working teams gain real context around their customer service performance on social media, whilst also increasing visibility and recognition internally with stakeholders across the enterprise and externally with customers.

Dean McCann, Founder & CEO,

Along our journey we also discovered that many of the brands we have featured in our Insight Series use Conversocial to power their digital customer experience on social media. This has, over time, naturally brought us closer together, and after several meetings with the Conversocial team, it made sense for us both to work more collaboratively to continue to add value for the benefit of brands and their customers.

We’re excited to join forces with HelpHandles™. Together collaborating on industry-leading content, corporate best practices and marketing insight.

Throughout 2018 digital customer care matured, social messaging burst onto the scene and is now leading the way for brand-consumer engagement.

This, alongside the increasing use of intelligent automation and AI, to provide a more efficient service to both agent and consumer, has given a fresh face to the contact center.

Forward-thinking brands are embracing new channels and trends to seamlessly engage with customers. Our collaboration with HelpHandles™ will help shine a light on who these brands are.

Harry Rollason, Marketing Director, Conversocial

Last year, in my New Year’s note, I wrote about the growing need for more transparency around customer service performance on social media and the importance for organisations to rethink the role they play in peoples lives. My stance on this has not changed, just one-year on we continue to see a greater need for organisations to focus on building trust with consumers as customer data becomes more and more embedded in the life-blood of today’s increasingly competitive, digitally focused markets.

Our vision and mission at HelpHandles™ is as relevant today as it has ever been; to democratize access to social customer service data and insight for the benefit of brands and their customers; and with this collaboration, I am excited to be able to take another important step closer to achieving more trust, more transparency, and more actionable insights from the emerging digital world of social messaging.

I’m looking forward to it, I hope you are too.

Happy New Year.

Dean McCann
Founder & CEO,