Every year millions of people across the U.K with businesses and other income face a last minute rush to complete and pay their self-assessment tax before the online filing deadline (midnight on 31st January) or otherwise face penalties of £100 for late filing during the first three months after the deadline.

For those attempting to file a tax return themselves online, without the help of an accountant, the process is not always straight forward. Filing a self-assessment online requires pre-registration and a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) which can take up to 10 working days to be confirmed by post. There are also other options to consider for individuals with unique circumstances, those living abroad for example are required to fill in special forms, together with a detailed understanding of the online form process creates a huge demand from the British public for fast and efficient access to customer support and information, which historically has been difficult and costly to service at scale via more traditional offline contact channels.

Enter Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Customer Support team, providing help with general queries to their 22.4k followers on Twitter, Monday to Friday 8am — 10pm, Saturday 8am — 10pm and Sunday 9am — 10pm.

Now the self assessment deadline has passed, and the HMRC Customer Support Team have had a well deserved rest, we thought we would take a timely look into how the HMRC Customer Support team performed leading up to and on the 31st January online filing deadline. (27th Jan to 31st Jan 2018)

Inbound Mention Volume

The HMRC Customer Support team were certainly busy over the last week, receiving over 6,000 mentions to their help handle, placing them in the Top 10% of help handles by volume on the HelpHandles™ performance index.

Response Rate

The team were working hard over this busy time ensuring that customers received responses to their tax queries. Over the last 7 days HMRC Customer Support responded to over 4,000 mentions a 65% response rate, placing them in the Top 30% best performing teams for responsiveness on HelpHandles™

Responses under 30mins

They were not only just responsive to customers, they were lightening fast too. The HMRC Customer Support Team responded to (3,618) 90% of those mentions inside 30 mins. Again performing well above the average for the Government category and placing them in the Top 30% of companies providing support on HelpHandles™…

Twitter Support Coverage

The HMRC Customer Support team were consistently busy over their serviceable hours averaging between 200-300 replies per hour throughout the week from 8am GMT and even replying out of hours to ensure people got the help they needed after 10pm GMT time right up until the 31 January deadline.

A solid performance from the team…

Popular Hashtags

The most popular hashtags over the week leading up to the online filing deadline were #selfassessment, #hmrc #tax customers went to great lengths to show their appreciation for the teams assistance even including the #helpful hashtag in their correspondence…


This was also confirmed with an overall positive sentiment score for the HMRC Customer Support team…proving that their hard work helping customers was not an effort wasted…


In today’s increasingly demanding and fast-paced world, individuals and families are constantly having to balance multiple conflicting priorities, and pressures. By making themselves available in real time on channels like Twitter, the HMRC team of experts are able to provide fast, extremely detailed, and personalised advice and support to those who need it, helping people navigate the wealth of information required to submit an online tax return on time, avoiding additional stress and financial penalties.

For this, the HMRC Customer Support team receive our respect and applause and are deservedly ranked in our top 10% of help handles on Twitter over the week leading up to and on self-assessment tax filing day.