Founded in 1997, Netflix started out as a mail order DVD service, completely wiping out the traditional bricks and mortar movie rental market once dominated by Blockbuster.

By 2007, Netflix had moved into online streaming, a move that would elevate Netflix into a global media powerhouse gaining significant market share in the direct to consumer media space, cutting traditional cable TV companies and direct to home satellite providers out of the market, igniting a global media mega merger frenzy in its wake.

In a recent report on Annual Internet Access and Use in the UK, usage of commercial online streaming services, such as Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and Amazon have surged in Great Britain over the last 3 months. The activities that saw the biggest gains over the past two years were:

  • watching video-on-demand from commercial services — 46% had done so over the last three months, up from 29% in 2016
  • watching videos from YouTube and similar platforms — 62%, up from 47%

In light of the growing dominance of the heavy hitting online streamers we thought we would take a closer look at the dot-com company at the centre of one the biggest transformations the global media and entertainment industry has seen for sometime…

Inbound Mention Volume

Netflix CS Public Inbound Volume (1st July 31st July 2018)

The Netflix CS team were certainly busy over the month of July, receiving 5,638 mentions to their help handle, placing them in the Top 30% of help handles by volume on the HelpHandles™ performance index.

Response Rate

Netflix CS Response Rate

The Netflix CS team responded to 2,198 public mentions over the course of July, noticing up a 39% response rate to their help handle, taking the less is more approach to supporting customers on Twitter…

Responses under 30 mins

Netflix CS Responses under 30mins

1,099 (50%) of the responses made by the Netflix CS team were made inside 30 minutes…

Top Hashtags

Netflix CS Popular Hashtags

Most popular hashtags over the month were focused on Netflix content with the public keen to generate support for their favourite Netflix shows…


Netflix CS Sentiment Score

Despite the high volumes received on Twitter, the Netflix CS team have taken the quality rather than quantity approach to servicing their customers on social media.

Working hard to provide customised, personal responses to their customers, ensuring they address individual needs and concerns, the Netflix CS team do not resort to canned or blanket responses to their customers…

This approach has served them well, with the Netflix CS team achieving a +11 positive sentiment score throughout the month of July on


Unless you have been living in a Yurt in Outer Mongolia over the last few months, you will have noticed the ongoing media battle between giants Disney, 21st Century Fox and Comcast as they look to compete with Netflix and Amazon, and boost their own direct to consumer strategy in an all out media and entertainment war.

With over 125 million streaming subscribers globally, and $8 billion in original content at its disposal this year, the Netflix story is one of incredible growth, built on the foundations of delivering accessible, quality content, on-demand to customers at scale.

What we have seen over the last two decades is that the the rise in popularity of direct to consumer digital services cannot be ignored. The FANG’s (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) have all demonstrated the ability disrupt large traditional media markets, offering cheaper, more accessible and innovative alternatives with their ability scale quickly over the internet.

Not without their own problems, the FANG’s have much work to do to retain consumer trust and protect their market dominance especially now the traditional media barons of Disney and Comcast prepare to launch a counter attack in this exciting, highly competitive, and transforming market…