Growth in traditional “big box” stores is static: all growth is in online, food discounters and convenience stores, with online having the biggest growth potential of all to disrupt the current retail marketplace.

Enter Ocado. The world’s largest dedicated online grocery retailer with over 580,000 active customers placing online grocery orders for home delivery.

Established in the UK in 2000 in partnership with UK supermarket chain Waitrose, Ocado has gone on to grow significantly with a commercial delivery area of 10m households, delivering over 100,000 orders a week, a listing on the London Stock Exchange and a strategic commercial partnership with Morrisons.

Operating a truly online business model, Ocado has no chain of bricks and mortar stores and manages all deliveries from it’s state of the art fulfilment centres where AI, automation and robotics play a key operational role in delivering the best in customer experience, convenience, quality and price to customers.

Operating a joint marketing and customer service handle on Twitter and sitting firmly on-top of the HelpHandles Food Index, @Ocado consistently out perform their market competitors for customer service on Twitter. In this fourteenth edition of the HelpHandles Insight Series we take an in-depth look at @Ocado’s performance over the last 12 weeks from (13/02/2017–10/05/2017).

Productivity & Responsiveness

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First Response & Average Response Time

@Ocado’s response to customers on Twitter is pretty impressive, the team have been averaging a consistent 17 min first response and average response time to all public mentions.

Ocado First Response Time (13/02/2017–10/05/2017)

Inbound Mention Volume

Customers love engaging with @Ocado on Twitter. Over the last 12-weeks, the @Ocado team received a total of 8,923 mentions to their handle. Placing them in the top 30% of handles providing support by volume on Twitter.

Response Rate

The @Ocado team responded to 64% of inbound mentions received to their Twitter handle, that’s 5,711 responses in total…

Responses under 30 mins

….of which 4,969 (87%) responses were made quickly in under 30 mins.

Customer Happiness

We found that Ocado customers are highly engaged over Twitter, using the tool to ask direct questions and provide feedback to the team in a polite and efficient manner. With such high-standard of conversational transactions, Ocado are building an active community of loyal, trusted and engaged customers who obviously enjoy the convenience of shopping with Ocado and interacting with them over Twitter.

This highly personal, genuine, conversational approach has resulted in a high overall positive sentiment score for the @Ocado team, and is testament to the great work being done to ensure customers remain satisfied and engaged with the company over social channels like Twitter.

Ocado Smart Platform

The Ocado Smart Platform, is a managed service offering of proprietary software and equipment solutions that offers retail partners a faster, flexible and more cost efficient way of operating online. By offering the only fully integrated end-to-end platform available in the market, Ocado are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing global trend of online food shopping, putting efficiency and convenience at the heart of the customer experience.


Built on a foundation of convenience, innovation, growth and efficiency, Ocado are well positioned to support the changing shift in consumer behaviour.

What makes Ocado an interesting proposition is their commitment to innovation. With a dedicated Technology business and investment in research and development utilising cloud technology, machine learning, robotics and automation, it will be interesting to see how Ocado maximise new opportunities to disrupt and develop improved customer experiences across online channels in the not too distant future.