The UK’s grocery market is fiercely competitive. The recently proposed merger between the UK’s largest supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Asda would create a supermarket giant that would rival the current market leader Tesco’s Plc by market share whilst competing against increasing pressure from the fast growing discounters Lidl and Aldi, and the continued global dominance and digital innovation from the mighty Amazon Inc.

With the potential for the ‘Big Four’ to become the ‘Big Three’, we decided to take a closer look at how the current ‘Big Four’ Supermarkets performed for customer service on Twitter over the busy Easter Bank Holiday Weekend.

Big Four Supermarket Customer Service Benchmark Report 30th March — Monday 2nd April 2018

Best Overall Performers

Tesco came out on top as the best overall providers of customer service on Twitter with the best aggregate score* across inbound volume, response rate, responses under 30 mins and sentiment amongst customers.

  • 1st Tesco
  • 2nd Sainsbury’s
  • 3rd Morrisons
  • 4th Asda

*Accounts are programmatically scored out of 100 on our performance index across four metrics. Inbound mention volumes (25%), Response Rate (25%), Responses under 30 mins (25%) and Sentiment (25%). All metrics are available and updated every hour on

Big Four Supermarket Customer Service Benchmark Report 30th March — Monday 2nd April 2018

Inbound Volume

Market leaders Tesco received the largest share of mentions with a total of 4,125 mentions over the 4 day period from Good Friday 30th April to Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2018, followed by Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. The Asda Service Team received the fewest mentions on Twitter.

  1. Tesco (4,125)
  2. Sainsbury’s (3,426)
  3. Morrison’s (1699)
  4. Asda (792)

Response Rate

The Asda Service Team were the most responsive to customers, responding to 51% share of mentions received, followed by Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s. Morrison’s responded the least share of mentions on Twitter.

  1. Asda (51%)
  2. Tesco (41%)
  3. Sainsbury’s (33%)
  4. Morrison’s (29%)

Responses under 30 mins

Sainsbury’s achieved 49% of their total no of responses in under 30 mins, with Tesco’s hitting 41% of responses under 30 mins, followed by Morrison’s with 20% of responses. The Asda Service Team had the lowest no of responses under 30mins.

  1. Sainsbury’s (49%)
  2. Tesco (41%)
  3. Morrisons (20%)
  4. Asda (1%)


Easter is a time for giving, and Morrison’s generosity over the Easter period gave them the Noble Edge over their competitors, resulting in Morrison’s receiving the most positive customer sentiment and brand loyalty over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend from the community’s they operate in on Twitter.

  1. Morrisons (+13)
  2. Tesco (+12)
  3. Sainsbury’s (+9)
  4. Asda (+9)


The Food Grocery Retail market is vast, and this is reflected in the scale, and diverse nature of conversations happening in real time with the Big Four Supermarkets on Twitter.

While Tesco maintained market dominance, with the best overall customer service performance out of the Big Four Supermarkets, it was Morrison’s who gained the Noble Edge by giving back to the communities they operate in, winning customers hearts and retaining Trust, and Loyalty of the Easter Weekend…

Given the diverse nature of customer issues and conversations happening over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, the Big Four Supermarkets each did well to respond to customers, during what is a busy weekend for families across the country.