Last year, we announced a new groundbreaking industry first with the launch of the HelpHandles™ Social CX Software Index.

The new HelpHandles™ Social CX Software Index is especially unique as Social CX software providers listed on are indexed purely on the real time performance data of the brands they work in collaboration with to efficiently manage the flow of conversations with customers over social media messaging channels.

To kick off our first in the Social CX Software Spotlight Series we go behind the scenes and take a closer look at how Sprout Social works closely in collaboration with their partners to drive high performing customer care on social media.

Trusted by 25,000+ world-class brands and organisations of all sizes. Sprout Social is social media management, branding and analytics software for businesses.

Sprout Social helps brands communicate with customers through social channels, collaborate across teams, and measure the effectiveness of their efforts.

Founded in 2010, Sprout Social is a privately held company backed by venture capital funds from Goldman Sachs, New Enterprise Associates, and Lightbank. Its customers include Ticketmaster, PapaJohns and Discover. In 2013 Sprout went public with a listing on the NASDAQ and the team have continued to go from strength to strength, innovating on new products within the social media space helping customers navigate their own digital transformational journeys.

Sprout customers are industry leaders who embrace social media as a vital part of their overall business strategies—and the key to making deeper connections with their audience and its these close partnerships that help drive performance on the HelpHandles™ Service Index and HelpHandles™ Social CX Index for clients and vendors respectively.

Sprout Social + Ticketmaster CS

The pandemic has hit the events industry hard, with social-distancing restrictions in place all over the world, large events, such as live concerts and shows are all being cancelled or postponed due to COVID restrictions. For the Livenation owned Ticketmaster CS this has proved particularly challenging and has seen a high volume of inbound queries to their help handle on Twitter, with customers seeking help and advice on a wide range of queries around refunds, changes to events, and fulfilment of orders.

Ticketmaster CS Volume, and Response metrics on
Jan-Feb 2021

With the Ticketmaster CS team working hard to respond the customers, their performance during the pandemic this year has seen them rise to the top of the HelpHandles™ Events Index as the no.1 performer for customer service.


In addition, while response rates and times were all high, sentiment towards the brand on Twitter was positive, with customers and staff all contributing to an above average score for the Events Category in total.

Ticketmast CS HelpHandles™ Sentiment Score

The partnership between Ticketmaster CS and Sprout Social is a great example of how a close working collaboration can improve outcomes for customers during particularly demanding times, while also being mutually beneficial in solidifying performance across categories for the people that work hard behind the scenes to support customers.

For Ticketmaster CS this sees the team leading the pack as the standout performer in the HelpHandles™ Events Service Index, and for Sprout Social this sees them deservedly listed as a Top 10 performer in the HelpHandles™ Social CX Software Index.

Something we think, deserves a round of applause and our utmost respect, great work team!

Learn more about how you can use the HelpHandles™ Service Index and the HelpHandles™ Social CX Index to improve your performance and find the perfect partner today.